What we offer

The Incubator aims at developing entrepreneurship through providing services for individuals interested in establishing a company or already existent business entities, including, first and foremost, micro and small enterprises.

Statistical data shows that support is required not only by people who create new companies, but also by those who have been present on the market for some time.  What is of particular importance here is the fact that companies by creating new workplaces, give shape to the conditions and quality of life of residents. Therefore, creating conditions conducive to the increase of the number of new companies and the development of the already existent ones, which influence the number of enterprises and workplaces in the city of Ruda Śląska, should be of paramount importance.  Consequently, the services provided by the Incubator are diverse in terms of the demands of business entities and companies at various stages of development enjoy them.

The company guarantees attractive and competitive infrastructural facilities for entrepreneurs in Ruda Śląska, in two buildings, in which 68 companies actively operate and employ approximately 300 people.

The Incubator is a 24/7 facility and is all the time monitored by a property protection agency, in both buildings It has its own server room, which meets the most demanding security demands and is used by the entrepreneurs. 

The office space offered by the Company is insufficient. The existent infrastructural facilities require extension in the form of new office space for companies, including, first and foremost, companies that operate within the area of innovative technologies.  

The Incubator provides the entrepreneurs with support in the area of the following services:

  • information services,
  • advisory services,
  • training services,
  • pro-innovative services.

By supporting new companies the Incubator provides advisory and training services, within the area of establishing business activity. A prospective entrepreneur can get support within the legal and accounting scope, as well as preparing a business plan. The Company establishes contact between Business Angels and loan funds, with a view to acquiring capital for kick-off and organizes trainings dedicated to this area.

In order to help young entrepreneurs, who cannot afford to maintain their own office, the Company offers a Virtual Office service. It is a useful solution for entrepreneurs who work from home or still do not have a permanent head office. The possibility to set their own mail box and use the address of the Silesian Business Incubator, as the head office address of the company, facilitates the creation of a positive image of the company and makes it possible to acquire credibility in customers' eyes.

The Silesian Business Incubator, aiming at the most innovative world trends and needs of entrepreneurs, has prepared a co-working offer "Workplace for Starters". Co-working means that, in most cases, everyone works on his own, but under one roof, desk next to desk with other people from various companies and business branches.

It is a perfect solution for all types of freelancers and micro-entrepreneurs, who do not have to rent an office and the only thing they need to work is desk space.  Co-working slowly becomes a good solution for companies that have employees who work off-site.  Co-working does not exclusively mean work.  It is also a place where people who start business activity can get to know other entrepreneurs, create a common project together, ask a representative of their or a different business branch for advice. The Company
renders available a private workplace, in a spacious and favorable open-space, to independent entrepreneurs. 

The place is available 24/7 for one quite low fee, which includes the cost of renting the desk, utilities and WI-FI Internet access, the possibility to use a training room, a break room, access to Business Templates (exemplary contract, commissions and application form templates, etc.)  The Incubator also provides the recipients of the service with a free-of-charge legal and accounting counseling, possibility of promotion, a free-of-charge parking space and registration address for the business activity.

The Company provides counseling service within the scope of acquiring the European Union co-financing, first and foremost, for micro and small enterprises and prepares application forms for co-financing and help in their settlement, supporting the development of companies and creation of new workplaces.

The Incubator organizes and co-organizes conferences, seminars, workshops for adolescents within the scope of entrepreneurship, business breakfasts, the aim of which is to foster promotion and association of business offers, which, in turn, is conducive to the development of companies.  Business meetings constitute a superb opportunity to establish contacts between various business and social environments. Such meetings provide every participant with a possibility to directly establish new contacts, renew old relations, get to know and understand different leaders from various business branches. It is a superb chance for the recipients to meet the providers and to meet in a group of business leaders, listen to inspiring guests, exchange experiences, needs, offers of business, science and self-government sector representatives.

The Incubator offers attractive, spacious training and multimedia rooms, comprehensively equipped with cutting-edge multimedia devices, among others, multimedia boards, portable audio system, laptops, simultaneous translation booths - perfect for organizing meetings, conferences or trainings. Comfortable conference furniture, which makes it possible to adjust the Incubator rooms to individual requirements of customers, related to the layout of the interior.