The Chairwoman of the Board of the Silesian Business Incubator Sp. z o.o. - Mrs. JOANNA SOCHACKA

Joanna Sochacka, resident of Ruda Śląska. Graduate of the University of Silesia and the WSB School of Banking in Poznań.  She held a number of executive positions. In the City Hall of Ruda Śląska she was the head of the Department of Innovation and Acquisition of Funds, acquiring EU grants for infrastructure investments in Ruda Śląska in the years 2004-2010. Since 2006 The City President's Representative for Revitalization in the City of Ruda Śląska. In 2010 the Chairman of the Committee for the European Union of the Silesian Union of Municipalities and Districts. Author of local projects, programs and strategies of economic development. The initiator of establishing and the Chairman of the Council of the Silesian Multimedia Cluster HubClub. She has a great many expertise certificates within the area of acquiring structural funds. Currently, she holds the position of the Chairman of the Silesian Business Incubator Sp. z o.o. in Ruda Śląska. In 2013 she was granted the Golden Laurel of Skills and Competence for supporting the development of market economy and a distinction within the category "The Best Creative Marketing Campaign".